(1) Coronary steal syndrome is caused by —

(a) Diltiazem                                (b) Propanolol

(c) Dipyridamole                             (d) Verapamil


(2) Trimetazine is used for –

(a) CHF                                    (b) Arrythmia

(c) Hypertension                             (d) Angina


(3) Pharmacological defibrillator is –

(a) Adenosine                                                                             (b) Digoxin

(c) Verapamil                                                                              (d) Amiodarone


(4) Following is a M1 blocker  –

(a) Pirenzepine                                                                         (b) Propantheline

(c) Atropine                                                                                (d) Hyoscine


(5) Most commonly used drug in open angle glaucoma is –

(a) Epinephrine                                                                     (b) Pilocarpine

(c) Physostigmine                                                                  (d) Timolol


(6) Drug NOT metabolised by liver is –

(a) Penicillin g                                                                      (b) Erythromycin

(c) Cimetidine                                                                      (d) Phenytoin


(7) Which one of the following is NOT a reversible anti-cholinesterase drug —

(a) Physostigmine                               (b) Echothiophate

(c) Donepezil                                   (d) Edrephonium


(8) Which of the following is a ketolide antibiotic ?

(a) Erythromycin                                (b) Clarithromycin

(c) Azithromycin                                (d) Telithromycin


(9) Which antitubercular drug causes pneumonia like syndrome ?

(a) Isoniazid                               (b) Rifampicin

(c) Pyrazinamide                           (d) Ethambutol


(10) Biphosphonates are useful in all EXCEPT ?

(a) Hypercalcemia of malignancy                       (b) Postmenopausal osteoporosis

(c) Vitamin D excess                                 (d) Paget’s disease


(11) Rituximab is antibody against ?

(a) CD 20                                          (b) CD 52

(c) CD 68                                          (d) TNF


(12) Heparin is a ?

(a) Polysaccharides                                 (b) Phospholipid

(c) Polypeptide                                    (d) Cholesterol


(13) Most common side effect of miltefosine is ?

(a) Vomiting & Diarrhoea                            (b) Dermatitis

(c) Hepatotoxicity                                  (d) Nephrotoxicity


(14) Anti-smoking drug is ?

(a) Theophylline                                   (b) Salbulamol

(c) Bupropion                                     (d) Buspirone


(15) Drug with membrane stabilizing activity is ?

(a) Atenolol                                      (b) Nadolol

(c) Carvedilol                                     (d) Propanolol


(16) Antihypertensive safe in renal disease is ?

(a) Atenolol                                       (b) Amlodipine

(c) Thiazide                                       (d) methyldopa


(17) Drugs causing QT prolongation are all EXCEPT ?

(a) Amiodarone                                    (b) Cisapride

(c) Cetirizine                                      (d) Fexofenadine


(18) Eosinophilia is caused by which group of drugs ?

(a) Penicillins                                (b) Cephalosporins

(c) Salicylates                                (d) all of the above


(19) Most common cardiac side effect of lithium is ?

(a) Arrythmia                                 (b) Bradycardia

(c) cardiomyopathy                            (d) Hypotension


(20) Rizatriptan is the drug used for ?

(a) Acute migraine                            (b) Chronic migraine

(c) Prophylaxis of migraine                      (d) Cluster Headache


(21) Febuxostat is used for ?

(a) Hyperkalemia                              (b) Hypercalcemi

(c) Hypernatremia                             (d) Hyperuricemia



(22) Drug of choice for prophylaxis of TB is ?

(a) Isoniazid                                   (b) Rifampicin

(c) Streptomycin                               (d) Pyrazinamide


(23) Mannitol is not used in ?

(a) Cerebral edema                             (b) Acute pulmonary edema

(c) Acute congestive glaucoma                    (d) Threatened acute renal failure


(24) Galantamine is used in ?

(a) Alzheimer’s disease                           (b) Parkinson’s disease

(c) Multi infarct dementia                         (d) chorea


(25) Long acting insulin is ?

(a) Insulin glargine                              (b) Insulin glulisine

(c) Insulin lispro                                (d) Insulin aspart


(26) Sibutramine belongs to which group of drugs ?

(a) Antipsychotic                               (b) Antidiabetic

(c) Antihypertensive                             (d) Anti obesity


(27) HbA1c is decreased most by ?

(a) Acarbose                                    (b) Sulphonylureas

(c) Biguanides                                   (d) Thiazolidinediones


(28) Pseudolymphoma is caused by all EXCEPT ?

(a) Penicillin                                     (b) Sulphonamides

(c) Dapsone                                     (d) Thiazides


(29) Imatinib primarily acts on ?

(a) BCR-ABL                                     (b) PDGFR

(c) Tyrosine kinase                                (d) None


(30) Cidofovir can be used for ?

(a) Herpes simplex                               (b) Herpes zoster

(c) Papillomatosis                                (d) All of the above




Answers with explanations

Ans.1 (c)

Coronary steal syndrome is caused by dipyridamole.

Actions of Dipyridamole — Powerful coronary dilator

Inhibits platelets aggregation by increasing cAMP


Ans.2 (d)

Trimetazine partially inhibits fatty acid oxidation, used as an antianginal drug.


Ans.3 (d)

Amidarone, lignocaine & bretylium are pharmacological defibrillators.


Ans.4 (a)

Pirenzapine & Telenzepine are M1 blocker (Selective anticholinergic drugs).

Atropine & Hyoscine are non-selective anticholinergic drugs.


Ans.5 (d)

Most commonly used drug for open angle glaucoma is Beta bloackers or latanoprost.


Ans.6 (a)

Penicillin G is metabolised mainly in kidney.

Erythromycin, phenytoin and cimetidine are metabolized in liver.


Ans.7 (b)

Echothiophate is irreversible anticholinesterase drug.

Rest are the reversible anticholinesterase drugs.


Ans.8 (d)

Telithromycin is first ketolide antibiotic.


Ans.9 (b)

Rifampicin causes pneumonia like syndrome.


Ans.10 (c)

Biphosphonates are useful in hypercalcemia of malignancy, paget’s disease & osteoporosis.


Ans.11 (a)

Rituximab is antibody against CD 20.

Alemtuzumab is antibody against CD 52.


Ans.12 (a)

Heparin is heterogenous mixture of mucopolysaccharides (Glycosaminoglycan).


Ans.13 (a)

Most common side effect of miltefosine is vomiting & diarrhoea.


Ans.14 (c)

Bupropion is an anti-smoking drug.

Buspirone is anti-anxiety drug.


Ans.15 (d)

Drug with membrane stabilizing property is Propanolol, oxprenolol and acebutolol.


Ans.16 (b)

CCB (Amlodipine/Nifedipine) & Central sympatholytic (Clonidine) are safe in renal disease.


Ans.17 (c)

Cetirizine has minimal risk of QT prolongation.


Ans.18 (d)

Eosinophilia is caused by salicylates, penicillins, cephalosporins & nitrofurantoin.


Ans.19 (a)

Arrythmia is most common cardiac side effect of lithium.


Ans.20 (a)

Rizatriptan is used in acute attack of migraine.

Some newer drugs approved by FDA in 2016

(A) Ixekizumab

Ixekizumab a humanized interleukin-17A antagonist.

Ixekizumab is used in treatment of plague psoriasis.


(B) Lixisenatide

Lixisenatide is a once-daily glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA).

Lixisenatide is used in type 2 DM.


(C) Bezlotoxumab

Bezlotoxumab is a human monoclonal antibody that binds to C. difficile toxin B and neutralizes its effect.


(D) Sofosbuvir

Sofosbuvir is NS5B polymerase inhibitor.

Sofosbuvir is used in treatment of hepatitis C.


Ans.21 (d)

Febuxostat is used for hyperuricemia.

Febuxostat is a xanthine oxidase inhibitor, used in treatment of chronic gout & hyperuricemia.


Ans.22 (a)

Isoniazid is the drug of choice for prophylaxis of TB.


Ans.23 (b)

Mannitol is used in cerebral edema & acute congestive glaucoma to reduce the intracranial and intraocular pressure respectively.

Mannitol is used in threatened acute renal failure from pre renal cause but not in established renal failure.

Mannitol is not used in acute pulmonary edema.


Ans.24 (a)

Galantamine is used in treatment of mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease.


Ans. 25 (a)

Insulin lispro, aspart & glulisine are short acting insulin.

Insulin glargine is long acting insulin.


Ans.26 (d)

Sibutramine is used in treatment of obesity.


Ans.27 (b)

Sulphonylureas reduce HbA1c most.


Ans.28 (a)

Penicillin does not cause pseudolymphoma.

Dapsone, sulphonamides and thiazides can cause pseudolymphoma.


Ans.29 (c)

Imatinib is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor.

Imatinib used in the treatment of CML, GIST and other malignancies.


Ans.30 (d)

Cidofovir can be used in treatment of acyclovir resistant herpes.

Cidofovir can also be used in treatment of papillomatosis caused by HPV.